Pediatric Surgery Hospital in Prishtina, Kosovo

Project Period:

Project Location:
Prishtina, Kosovo


Total Net Area:
S.q.m. 10,100m²

Project Description:
The building serves to improve the quality of healthcare for the children of Kosovo.
The new hospital is integrated into the existing QKUK landscape and collaborates with the existing pediatric and gynecology hospital through connections such as metal-constructed walkways.

FIDOLA has executed the following works:
Preparation of the site for the workshop, ensuring all working conditions at the site.
Soil excavation and compaction to the required stages.
Construction works, including concrete and reinforcement, on all floors.
Floor layering using vinyl, ceramics, and carpet according to the project requirements.
Ceiling works using gypsum and Armstrong.
Electrical installations throughout the building and on its ground floor.
Water installations inside and outside the building, including hydrants and sprinklers.
Installation of heating, ventilation, and air conditioning.
Facade works on the entire building according to the request, semi-structural facade, or a fully structured facade.
Interior wall partitioning works using gypsum or bricks, including plastering and painting.
Lighting work inside and outside the building according to the project details.
Furniture work and completion of offices, bars, and receptions throughout the hospital area.
Infrastructure work, including conveying parts, as well as asphalting of parking lots and paving of roads around the hospital with full signage.
Greening/environmental work on the entire floor of the Pediatric Hospital.
Installation of all four elevators throughout the building.
Construction and assembly of metal bridges connecting the existing facilities with Pediatrics and Gynecology facilities.
Flat roof works, including technical parts of ventilation, air conditioning, boilers, and transmission equipment.
Complete infrastructure work, including asphalting of roads around the facility and parking lots.
Greening and planting trees around the facility.

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